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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

So here we are. You made it into 2019.

Maybe you’ve been making promises to yourself these last few weeks.

“I’ll break that habit in 2019” “I’ll stop doing that on Jan 1” “I’ll leave that lifestyle behind once the New Year comes”

But what if you woke up this morning and realized nothing’s changed?

You drank at the party last night. You smoked even though you promised yourself you were done with that. You looked at things you weren’t supposed to late at night. You spent the night when you knew you should have gone home.

What if you started 2019 doing everything you said you were done with? Is it ruined? Maybe this wasn’t your year after all?

That was my excuse too when I first decided to break free from an addiction. Until one day I realized.. it didn’t have to be perfect. I could start that day. A random Tuesday in March. I had 27 setbacks after that. A lot towards the beginning. So many days where I thought about giving up and just accepting that addiction as a part of me.

But I kept trying.

Old habits die hard. You can’t just say things will change without doing something about it. So start now. Take extreme measures, if necessary. Pay close attention to your triggers and get rid of them.

Unfollow those accounts on Instagram. Delete your Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Tinder, Omegle, the spam accounts.. whatever it is that’s getting in the way.

Break off that toxic relationship. Cut some people out of your life – the ones coming to mind right now. The ones that pass the joint when you’re just trying to pass the time.

Throw the vodka down the sink. Flush the weed down the toilet. Delete your dealers contact. Get rid of the fake ID.

Be aggressive in your pursuit of freedom!

Find accountability. And know that it’s okay to give yourself some grace. Maybe you failed today. Maybe you’ll fail again tomorrow.. but sooner or later, the victories will overpower the setbacks. You just have to actually try.

2019 can be the turning point. Your story is still unfinished.

- Natalie Lopez -


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