Sunday at 10:30 am 747 County Road 138, Hutto, Texas 78634

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The Bridge Community Church

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60/60 Experiment

60/60 Experiment – What would it be like to stop & pray 1 minute of every hour for 60 days? How would your relationship with Jesus be strengthened & deepened? Well, let’s find out together! Set your watch or phone to beep once every hour, and begin to discover what a Spirit-led life can really be like. Every time the alarm sounds, ask God 3 simple questions: 1) What are you saying to me right now? 2) How am I treating my neighbor right now? 3) Is what I am doing right now pleasing to you, Lord?

News & Announcements

  1. 28th March - Audio Sermons (MP3)
  2. 19th August - Women’s Group
  3. 7th March - Men’s Bible Study